HR15 and HR50 Humidifiers
Maintaining the right humidity levels within your professional standard grow room is extremely important in both grow and flowering periods.
The HR15 or HR50 are ideal for this purpose, when used with a Hygrostat that monitors and controls humidity levels, you can ensure that your enviroment is perfect.

HR15 Specs:
Humidification – Up to 1.5 litres per hour

Power Consumption – 90 watts

HR50 Specs:
Humidification – Up to 4 litres per hour

Power Consumption – 90 watts

Analogue Hygrostat(Humidistat)
Range – 10% to 80%

2m Power cord

Humidity is a vital part of creating the perfect enviroment for vigorous plant growth that leads to high yields.

When lights are on aim for 70% relative humidity during the growth stage, tapering off to 50% at the end of flower.

Low humidity levels are likely to cause early yellowing and slow down plant growth, leading to disapointment!

There is no need to run the humidifier during lights off, if you are using the hygrostat it will turn off the humidifier when humidity rises.

  • HR15 – up to 1.5 litres per hour
  • HR50 – up to 4 litres per hour
  • Get your tent or growroom perfect
  • Adds a cool mist to your room
  • Use with an external water butt
Weight N/A

HR15 only, HR15 with Hygrostat, HR50 only, HR50 with Hygrostat

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