Mist Maker Spare Discs x 5
Replacement ceramic discs for the Mist Maker 5 could save you buying a brand new Mist Maker. Over time the ultrasonic vibrating disc in a Mist Maker will start to deteriorate and lose their functionality especially if used with hard water. Replacing the discs could give your mist maker a new lease of life.

How to change
Making sure that your Mist Maker is unplugged take the key tool and place the smaller end into one of the discs, turn anti clockwise and the disc should pop out. To put a new disc in, place a fresh disc where the old one previously was and turn the key tool clockwise.

  • Easy to install
  • Instructions provided
  • Could prevent buying a new unit
  • Best to use with soft water or RO machines
Weight 0.3 kg
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