Faran HR-DHTC Digital Humidistat 
An accurate, digital humidistat that is the perfect controller for the HR Series of humidifiers but can also be used with most other humidifiers, foggers and mist makers.

Multiple humidifiers can be controlled by one humidistat as long as the total power doesn’t exceed 2.2 amps.

Power Supply : AC220 50/60Hz

Temp. Measurement : -50 ~ 99,9 (Centigrade degree)

Mumid. Measurement : 0%~100%

Output Control : Relay 200VAC

Control Method : ON/OFF Control

Input Temp. Sensor : NTC(5K/25(Centigrade degree)

Input Humid. Sensor : HM(2%)

  • Simple to use
  • Can be used with most humidifiers
  • Control multiple devices
  • Very accurate
Weight 1 kg
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