IWS Pro Fittings

These are used with the IWS Pro Remote Flood and Drain Systems.

The barbed end accepts 25mm flexi pipe, while the threaded end is inserted into the Brain or the pots and secured with 2 washers and a lock nut.

These fittings can also be used with a variety of different systems including Medusa Run to Waste and others,

Also useful for those who like to build there own DIY hydroponic systems.

Available as individual components or complete fittings.


  • For IWS Pro Flood and Drain
  • Accepts 25mm flexi pipe
  • High flow rate
  • Separate or complete
Weight N/A

IWS Pro Straight Only, IWS Pro Elbow Only, IWS Pro Elbow Complete, IWS Pro Straight Complete, IWS Pro Tee Complete, IWS Pro Tee – 25mm, IWS Pro Washer, 25mm Plastic Lock (needed for all)

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