Spare pots to replace or add to your IWS System.

The Aqua Pot is used if your preferred medium is clay pebbles.

The Culture Pot is used if you prefer to use a 60/40 mix (coco and clay pebble mix).

The Punched Pot is used with either medium, clay pebbles or a 60/40 mix.

  • Aqua Pots – Clay Pebbles
  • Outer Pot – Standard
  • Culture – 60/40
  • Punched Pot – 60/40 or clay pebbles
Weight N/A

10 LOuter Pot, 10 Litre Inner Pot – Punched, 10 Litre Inner Pot – Culture, Inner Pot – Aqua, 25 Litre Inner Pot, 25 Litre Outer Pot, 16 Litre Inner Pot, 16 Litre Outer Pot, 20 Litre Outer Pot

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