The V3R (Version 3 with Remote Timer) is the all new replacement for the V1 and V2R Multiflow Level Controllers. The V3R Multiflow level controller takes the best parts of a V1 (easy to set up with an analogue timer) and seamlessly combines them with the enhanced facilities of the V2R (Digital controller with multiadjustable flood times, ability to miss days out, big bore pipe work for faster flood and drain times and remote timer for ease of operation) and extends hings further. This means that the V3R is a hybrid analogue/digital system that is super easy to use but is the most advanced flood and drain controller around.


Super Easy Basic set up.

Super Easy Advanced Set up.

Super Easy Advanced Plus Set up. (Dynamic Learning


6-60 Pot Systems off one controller.

Eco-Sis, UK designed and built, circuits and circuit

boards, from Europe’s most foremost and Innovative

Controller company.

Big bore “ Ice Line” pipe work for superfast flood and

drain cycles.

Built in Digital Anti Float “Rattle” Suppression

Technology for Smooth Operation and Reliability.

(Pot stands are an optional extra)

  • 6 – 60 Pots can be used with a single controller
  • Highly oxygenated root system fro rapid growth
  • Bigger bore pipe for quicker flooding
  • Very easy to set up
  • Uk designed and built
Weight N/A

Rigid Tank – Orange Pots, With Flexi Tank – Orange Tanks


60 Pot, 6 Pot, 9 Pot, 12 Pot, 24 Pot, 36 Pot, 48 Pot

V3R Digital MultiFlow


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