Liquid Orca
Orca is the liquid version of Great White and has the same effect on roots, it helps create amazing root structure and size.

It contains mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria which rapidly colonize the roots greatly improving plant health and growth.

The mycorrhizae build a microbial system in and on the plants roots which helps and aids nutrient and water uptake.

This special blend of beneficial bacteria is designed to be used and watered in conjunction with a hydroponic system or dripper lines, but also can be used by growers who like to hand water their plants.

Orca can be used on seeds, cuttings, in soil, coco and in all hydroponic systems. Do not use with any hydrogen peroxide product as this will kill the bacteria before it gets a chance to colonise the root zone.

How to use

1-2 drops directly on the seed.

Soak starter cubes in Orca at 1-3 ml per 4 litres of water.


Use 5 mL per 35 litres of water. 

Soil and Coco Hand Watering
1-4 ml per 4 litre of water.

  • Orca is the liquid version of Great White
  • Expolsive root growth
  • Mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria
  • Helps nutrient and water uptake
Weight N/A

946ml, 100ml – 3.4 fl. Oz, 473ml – 16 fl. oz

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