The Medusa Baseline Trays and Brains can be used with a drip irrigation setup, or hand watering, this means that pots won’t be left sitting in excess nutrient
solution that can cause plants to be over watered.

The run off can be pumped away, using the Medusa Brain, as waste or even returned to the nutrient reservoir to be re-circulated.

All components utilise 25mm or 1″ pipework and fittings(not included, click here for complete modules).

Small Baseline  Tray – 24cm x 26cm Internal – 35cm x 37cm External

Medium Baseline Tray – 28cm x 33cm Internal – 39cm x 43cm External

Large Baseline Tray – 38cm x 33cm Internal – 49cm x 53cm External

  • Drains excess nutrient solution
  • Run to Waste or Re-circulate
  • Baseline tray only
Weight N/A

Small Tray Only – 24cm x 26cm Internal, Medium Tray Only – 28cm x 33cm Internal, Large Tray Only – 38cm x 43cm Internal

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