Plant Magic Soil Supreme 50L Bag
Soil Supreme is a unique blend of sphagnum peat, Fytocell foam and Plant Magic’s own Organic Growth Stimulant. 
What sets this medium apart from it’s competitor is the special blend of Fytocell foam. Fytocell like perlite aerates the medium, but unlike perlite roots can actually grow throw it and not around it meaning all of the growing medium can be used for root growth.  
It also uses an organic growth stimulant  that the plants benefit from, forming a superior root environment. This leads to rapid root development allowing for a more rapid uptake of essential nutrients and elements. The results are impressive, with bigger, better tasting fruits, increased yields and flowers that have more colour and aroma.

How to use
Soil Supreme can be used on smaller plants all the way through to harvest without fear of burning the root hairs.  

Plant Magic is UK company that has developed a range of organic, mineral based fertilisers and additives that complement this excellent growing medium.

  • Comes in a 50 Litre Bags
  • No nutrients needed for up to 4 weeks
  • Suitable for seedlings and cuttings
  • Contains Fytocell foam for maxium aeration
  • More liquid nutrient control
Weight 14.5 kg
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