Root !T Hobby Heat Mats

The Hobby Heats Mats are a simple and effective way of ensuring that your seeds or cuttings can propagate at the perfect temperature for fast germination or rooting.
They generate a gentle heat that won’t damage young plants or propagators.


Simply place the heat mat on a flat, dry surface, then place your propagator on the mat.
Most commonly grown plants propagate best at temperatures of 20 to 25C, the best way to achieve consistent results is to plug the heat into a Root !T Heat Mat Thermostat, this allows for precise temperature control between 10 and 30C.
To avoid temperature fluctuations and drafts, the Root !T Insulated Mats can be placed under the heat mat for more efficient propagation.
Heat mats aren’t just for plants, they can be used in any situation when you require gentle heating from below such as terraniums for reptiles, breadmaking, brewing and winemaking.

When using a thermostat, gardeners often just leave the probe loose inside the propagator, this means that the thermostat is reading the air temperature.
To avoid this, insert the probe into the media and watch those plants grow!   


Small – 25cm x 35cm – 11 Watts
Medium – 40cm x 60cm – 30 Watts
Large – 40cm x 120cm – 60 Watts

  • Simple and effective
  • Perfect for early season plants
  • for cuttings and seeds
  • Range of sizes available
Weight N/A

Medium – 40cm x 60cm – 30 Watts, Small – 25cm x 35cm – 11 Watts

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