Time-R – Digital, Programmable Precision Timer

Time-R is a multi function digital timer and is ideal for precision control of pumps and irrigation systems, especially drip based systems such as FloraFlex, Wilma’s and similar setups.

The Time-R operates like a normal timer but has a multitude of other options for controlled switching that go down to one second intervals if needed.
For example it can be programmed to send power at scheduled times or it can send power at set intervals (Every X minutes)

Contains a large capacity relay for extra reliability and peace of mind. Very versatile and very well made.

Timed Mode

Turn your equipment on and off at regular intervals,  from 1 second to 99 hours

Repeat Mode

Set precise on and off times, up to 15 times a day

Combined Mode

Using this mode allows you to run your equipment on and off repeatedly at set intervals throughout a 24 hour period.
Maximum 3 group settings.

  • Perfect for dripper systems
  • Full, precise control
  • Timings from 1 second to 99 hours
Weight 1 kg
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