Veg + Bloom Stackswell 
Veg + Bloom Stackswell plant growth powder gives bigger leaves, fatter stems and  faster growth.

Stackswell is a super concentrated calcium, magnesium supplement with carbohydrates, humic acids and added nitrogen. The calcium in the product strengthens the cell walls and makes the plant more resistance to grow room pests. Magnesium is needed for chlorofyll production which keeps the plant green and enables the plant to take in the light for photosynthesis.  

How to use
1 gram of powder for 4 litres from the start of veg up to the 2nd week of flower. When using powdered nutrients it’s always a good idea to mix and dissolve them into a small glass of water before adding them to the main tank.

No need to use additional Cal Mag with Stackswell.

  • Growth booster
  • Cation exchange enhancer
  • For all media and systems
  • Replaces Cal Mag
  • Helps photosynthesis
Weight N/A

1lb – 450g, 2.2lb – 1kg, 5lb – 2.27kg, 25lb – 11.34kg

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