Veg + Bloom Tap/Hard – Dry Base Nutrient
Tap/Hard is a powdered nutrient that is formulated for hard water areas.
It is used throughout the growing and flowering period except for during flushing. Tap/Hard can be used in hydroponic systems or coco and works very well in systems such as Autopot or Easyfeed.

NPK Ratio 8/5/13

How to use
1-6 grams per 4 litres, dependent on plant size, dissolve completely in your feed water. It’s always good to dissolve any powders into a small vessel of water to make sure that it’s mixed in well before adding to the main tank.

Remember to always add the pH adjuster last after the additives and nutrients have been added. It’s good practice to add you additives in first then add your nutrient until you hit your target EC (if you are using an EC meter).

  • Powdered fertiliser
  • Blended for hard water
  • For grow and flower
  • 1-6 grams per 4 litres
  • Easily dissolves
Weight N/A

1lb – 450g, 5lb – 2.27kg, 25lb – 11.34kg, 100lb – 45.36kg

Veg + Bloom Tap/Hard – D...


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