Jiffy Peat Pellets 38mm
Jiffy 7 pellets have been proven over many years by growers worldwide. They are made from sphagnum peat with lime and low-ammonia fertiliser admixes wrapped in a thin bio-degradable net and have a pH of approx 5.3. Jiffy 7’s are supplied dry and expand to their usable size once wetted up.

How to use
All that’s needed is get a jug or vessel of room temperature water or around 20 degrees C, put the Jiffy’s in the water, allow for the pellets to fully expand, squeeze out any excess water and it’s now ready for seedling or cutting.

  • Ideal for taking cuttings
  • Used for germinating seeds
  • Can be transferred into all mediums
  • Available by the pellet or box
Weight N/A

Per Pellet, Box – 1000 Pellets

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