Vitopod Propagators – Small Heated

Vitopod’s unique design creates a propagator, coldframe or mini greenhouse, all in one product, the heated version allows for precise control between 5°C to 30°C.
Multiple adjustable vents allow gardeners to control humidity and heat but the best feature of all is the ability to change the  height of the Vitopod by adding or removing layers.


Heat – Seeds or cuttings are placed on the heated base using any propagation medium. Desired temperature is set – within a range of to 5°C to 30°C – using the digital thermostat. Ultra accurate thermostat probe is placed inside the propagator to read and maintain the desired temperature to within 1°C. Heat is dispersed evenly across the base, unlike most heated propagators there are no hot or cold spots; so no uneven growth.
Placing the probe into the media within the Vitopod allows for precise root temperatures to be achieved.

Humidity – Vitopod layers and lids sit on top of the heated base maintaining the ideal propagation environment. Vitopod has adjustable vents on both the lids and side panels of the propagator, allowing growers maximum control over humidity and airflow. As plants develop, vents are gradually opened to reduce humidity and increase airflow to harden off before transplanting.

Height – Vitopod allows the grower to set the ultimate environment for each stage of propagation. Seeds can be germinated using the lids placed directly onto the base for maximum humidity. Add a layer as plants begin to develop, then add a second layer and grow young plants on until completely root bound, then harden off and transplant.
Due to design of the Vitopod, up to 11 layers can be used while still remaining stable.


Vitopod Small Single – 55cm x 55cm x 24cm(Height)

Vitopod Small Double – 55cm x 55cm x 39cm(Height)

Each additional layer is 15cm tall. 


Small Single

1 x Small Base
1 x Small Layer
1 x Lid
1 x Precision Thermostat

Small Double

1 x Small Base
2 x Small Layer
1 x Lid
1 x Precision Thermostat

  • Precise heating for fast rooting
  • Multiple adjustable vents
  • Unique height adjustable design
  • High quality clear plastic
  • Additional layers available
Weight N/A

Small – 55cm x 53cm x 24cm, Small Double Height – 55cm x 53cm x 39cm

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