Origin Drip Pot Systems (formerly known as Wilma)

The Origin Drip Pot System is a great hydroponic system for beginners and expert gardeners looking for a simple recirculating, self watering set up.

With the pots sitting on top of the nutrient reservoir and a pump to feed the individual drippers, the Origin is easy to use and can utilize a variety of different media and feeds. The system does not come with a timer. A timer is only needed with certain mediums, like coco, soil and rockwool. If only clay pebbles are used as a growing medium the system can be run continously.

Available in various sizes with different pot sizes, there is an Origin for everyone!



  • Simple
  • Easy to set up
  • Various size and pot options
  • Recirculating
  • Formerly known as Wilma
Weight N/A
Pot Size

11 Litre, .6 Litre, 18 Litre, 25 Litre

System Size

Small 4 Pot – 60cm x 60cm, Large 4 Pot – 75cm x 75cm, Large 8 Pot – 75cm x 75cm, XL 4 Pot – 90cm x 90cm, XL 8 Pot – 90cm x 90cm, XXL 5 Pot – 115cm x 115cm, XXL 8 Pot – 115cm x 115cm, XXL 9 Pot – 115cm x 115cm, XXL 16 Pot – 115cm x 115cm, XXL 20 Pot – 115cm x 115cm, Wide 8 Pot – 120cm x 60cm, Wide 10 Pot – 120cm x 60cm, Wide Large 8 Pot – 170cm x 75cm, Wide XL 8 Pot – 190cm x 90cm

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