Origin Square Pots

Premium quality square pots designed for use with the Origin Duo System. 


Can be used with the Origin System or just as a normal pot, hand watered or with high pressure drippers. If you are water by hand or using a dripper system it’s always a good idea to put a Garland Tray or a Heavy Duty Saucer under the pot to catch any run off from watering.


6 Litre   – 21cm x 21cm x 22cm(Height)

11 Litre  – 25cm x 25cm x 26cm

18 Litre  – 30cm x 30cm x 31cm

25 Litre  – 33cm x 33cm x 34cm

  • 6, 11 or 18 Litre sizes available
  • Ultra tough
  • Made to fit Origin Systems
  • Can be used if hand watering
Weight N/A

25 Litre, 6 Litre, 11 Litre, 18 Litre

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