Origin Propagation Lid (formerly known as Wilma)

An Origin Propagation Lid is a great way increasing the humidity around your plant.


Simply lightly spray the inside of the propagation lid and place on the 11L pot. You can control the humidity and airflow with the control vent on top of the progagation lid removing the lid once the plant starts to to touch the inside of the lid.
The lid is the ideal addition to the Origin 4, 8 and 16 pot systems.  The lid enables you to sow seeds or use freshly rooted cuttings and grow on to maturity without the need to change pots. Gets your plants off to a flying start. These lids are for the 11L Origin pots only.

  • Great alternative to a humidifier
  • They sit conveniently on 11L pots
  • Individually control the humidity in each pot
  • Has a control vent at the top of the lid
Weight 1 kg
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