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IWS 170mm Copper Discs - Aqua or Culture Pots

IWS 250mm Copper Disc - Punched Pots

IWS Float Switch

from £159.99
IWS Flood and Drain Control Units - Brain

from £89.99
IWS Flood and Drain Water Butt Kits

from £3.50
IWS Pots

from £0.30
IWS Pro Fittings - 25mm

from £2.00
IWS Pro Flexi Pipe - 25mm

from £549.99
IWS Pro Remote with Flexi Tank

from £549.99
IWS Pro Remote with Rigid Water Butt

from £0.75
IWS Standard Fittings

from £324.99
IWS Standard Flood and Drain - Flexi Tank