Aptus All In One Liquid 1 Litre – Base Nutrient
All-in-One Liquid is a 100% mineral based fertilizer suited for all mediums and systems. It can be used from the vegetative phase all the way through to flowering/maturation phase.
The unique manufacturing process makes All-in-One Liquid not sensitive to pH-variations and therefore applicable in a wide pH-range.
All-in-one Liquid is a simple and easy to use 100% mineral NPK fertilizer thats not sensitive to pH-variations (can be used in a wide pH-range).
It also stabilizes EC in mediums and prevents salts accumulation and excess of nutrient salts.

Use at 1ml to 2ml max. Through grow and flower or fruiting period
Fully soluble and suitable for use with most growing techniques and media including soil, coco and hydro.

  • 1 bottle all the way through
  • Fully soluble
  • For all grow mediums
  • Can be used with all systems
  • Highly concentrated
Weight 1.3 kg
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