SMS Hybrid Replacement Light Sensor 1.6m

The replacement Light Sensor or humidiity sensor for the SMS Hybrid fan controller can be used on all size hybrids.

How To Works

If you want to use the ‘Pro’ function on the Hybrid Contoller, remove the cap on the light sensor.  This will initiate the fans to come on in the night cycle every hour for 7 minutes one step above it’s current setting clearing the room of any humidity that may have built up. By only running one step faster than the what has been set on the controller it ensures that as much as the heat as possible is kept in the growroom, which is great in the winter months and because high humidity problems normally happen in the night cycle, when the light come back on again the ‘Pro’ function will switch off and the fans run as normal.

  • Can be used on all SMS Hybrid Controllers
  • Will clear the moisture from the garden
  • Comes on for 7 minutes every hour
Weight 1 kg
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