Control Freak 5amp Fan Controller
These fan controllers are ideal for controlling single fans and can deal with most fans including large ones, but checking the fans ampage load before choosing your fan controller is always recommended.

How to use
For manual use simply plug the fan into the controller and use the left hand dial (minimum fan speed) to speed the fan up or down.

By adding the Temperature Sensor (available seperately) the controller becomes automatic. Now we can set the temperature, place the sensor where we want to take the reading and the controller will automatically adjust the fan speed to keep the room at the correct temperature. When temperature drops, normally when the lights go out, the fan will slow down to the minimum fan speed that the left hand dial is set to.

  • Can be used manually
  • Add temp sensor to make automatic
  • For fans up to 5 amps
  • Plug and play
Weight 0.5 kg
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