How do you know that you have created the perfect enviroment without one of these?

A therma-hygrometer simultaneously displays both the humidity and temperature in addition to indicating and recording the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity readings.

The ETI Min/max therma hygrometer is tried and trusted by growers for many years and will take a temperature and humidity reading from the unit, as well as a further temperature reading from the external probe.

This allows you to measure the temperature in the room, or tent, and amongst the plants.  

This thermo hygrometer measures both humidity and temperature over the range of -19.9 to 69.9°C and 20 to 99% Relative Humidity utilising the internal sensors. Utilising the external temperature sensor the temperature range is extended to -49.9 to 69.9°C.

  • Measures Temperature in 2 places
  • Measures Humidity
  • Tried and trusted
  • Measures highs and lows
Weight 0.35 kg
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