Yo-Yo Plant Supports
The Yo-Yo is an ideal solution when trying to support heavy producing fruiting crops. It can help maximise the potential of your plant by lending it support, stopping it from snapping or bending. 

How to use 
If using a tent it can be wrapped around top frame of the tent, pulling the orange hook down towards the branch you want to support, hook the branch and plug in the stopper to stop the Yo Yo recoiling.
If in a room, the same methodology applies, but string a heavy duty line or lines if needed from one side of the room to other off 2 heavy duty hooks and then attach as many Yo Yo as you need.

  • Very easy to use
  • Alternative to pea netting
  • Helps takes the weight of the bracnch
  • Prevents the branch from snapping
Weight 0.02 kg
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