FloraMax Cloner
FloraMax Cloner is a protective stem dip for treating cuttings prior to planting.
Its specialized gel formulation provides a protective coating on the cut-end.  This helps seal the cut and prevent air bubbles from entering the stem tissue. FloraMax Cloner is a much thinner gel than competing brands.  This design feature allows for a higher rate of absorption into the cutting and provides faster results than thicker formulations. 
Has an indefinite shelf-life and is resistant to drying-out.
Has high resistance to cross contamination and does not go off in the bottle.


Predip cuttings prior to planting
Healthy cuttings and seedlings are essential if you eventually want large and flavorsome yields. You need to protect your investment during these early growth stages.  Cloner’s unique organic composition is highly stable and more readily adsorbed onto plant tissue so that the cutting is preserved throughout the pre-rooting period.

Frequently asked
Why use cuttings?
Cuttings or “clones” are a popular method of propagating plants. A cutting is a plant part removed from a ‘donor’ or ‘mother’ plant that will develop roots and shoots when placed in a growing medium under favourable conditions.
In comparison to propagation via seed, cuttings offer some benefits:

1. For many species, cuttings reach the vegetative stage faster than seedlings. Further, cuttings taken from the most recent growth will produce plants that take less time to reach biological maturity than cuttings taken from older growth. Commercial fruit growers use cuttings to minimise the lengthy non-fruiting phase associated with seed propagated plants. When artificial lighting is used, cuttings can be switched to flowering sooner by changing to the “redder” light spectrum of a HPS lamp. This is beneficial because the crop cycle is faster.

2. Cuttings produce a plant having the same general genetic characteristics as the donor plant. For example, the same appearance, size and yield. The result with seeds can be more uncertain.

Stem cuttings
The most appropriate cutting material will vary between plant species. However, most species can be propagated using ‘stem cuttings’. A stem cutting incorporates stems, leaves and buds. Roots grow from the basal wood and shoots grow from the buds.

Revolutionary Organic Compounds
Organics are usually supplied to a plant using an indirect animal or plant source such as guano, fish emulsions, kelp meal, etc.  These organic sources can contain hundreds of different organic molecules and the majority of these molecules either provide no nutrient-effect to plants, or act as nuisance chemicals that may cause foaming in the reservoir, biological build-ups, biofilms, odors or blocked drippers, etc.  Furthermore, where beneficial molecules do exist in these organic sources, their concentration is often unreliable and fails to provide consistent benefit to the plant, especially where fast, predictable cropping speed is required.
How does Floramax differ?  Over half of the FloraMax additives contain organics, but as analytical chemists, we have been able to isolate specific ‘beneficial’ organic molecules and incorporate them into our additives in a direct, purified, and potent form.  This enables their concentrations to be optimized for maximum nutrient effect with no negative side-effects.  The result is a range of products that produce unique and tangible results without reservoir foaming, build-ups, odors or blockages.

  • Protective stem dip for cuttings
  • Special gel formulation
  • Fast absorption
  • Improves strike rate
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60ml, 250ml

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