House and Garden Aqua Flakes 
House & Garden’s newest main feed, Aqua Flakes has quickly become known as one of the best and most versatile products in our industry. Application Phosphorus is fixed into the nutrient; this is easily absorbed by the plant and will stimulate a successful blooming cycle. Designed for use in all types of re-circulating systems, House & Garden Aqua Flakes feed provides your plants with all the essential minerals needed to produce large crops with superior aromas and flavours. Consisting of two parts, an A and a B formula, all House & Garden base nutrients are manufactured using the highest grade mineral compounds.

Aqua Flakes can be used in all recirculating systems such as NFT, Flood and Drain, also poular dripper system like the Wilma.

How to use
Always use equal parts of both A and B never one more that the other. You can you use either the less accurate ml’s per litre technic or for more accurate nutrient and additive dosing use a high quality EC meter like the ones from Essentials or the Bluelab Truncheon. Never mix nutrients straight out the bottle making sure that they are added to the nutrient tank, bucket or jug in turn and mixed thoroughly in water before adding the next nutrient or additive. Remember always to use a pH adjuster after you’ve mixed the additive and nutrient solutions.

House and Garden Aqua Flakes Feeding Schedule

  • Use in all recirculating systems
  • Highest grade mineral compounds
  • Formulated for the UK
  • A and B formula
Weight N/A

10 Litre, 1 Litre

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