HydroTops Bioponic Flush

This product is purpose designed to aid the removal of nutrients from crops before harvest.

By removing these excess nutrient salts we are rewarded with crops that taste better and have much improved aroma and flavour.

Unlike simpler flushes, Bioponic Flush provides complex sugars and hormones that are crucial to a successful flush cycle.


7-14 days from harvest, empty your nutrient tank and replace with fresh water.

Add Bioponic Flush at 5-10ml per litre of water, do not adjust the pH.

If you are measuring EC then you should aim for 0.8-1.4 in hardwater areas or 0.4-1.0 in softwater.

  • Removes nutrient from the plant
  • Gives a cleaner taste
  • Nicer aroma
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1 Litre, 5 Litre, 25 Litre

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