Hyper Fan Stealth from Phresh V2

For those who need an even quieter extraction system, these Stealth fans offer all of the advantages of the standard Hyper Fan but are cased within a silencer body keeping noise levels down even further.

Hyper fans are EC (electrically commutated) digital fans, the advantages of these fans are much lower power consumption, low noise levels and because EC fans are easier to control, the fan controllers are cheaper and don’t buzz when speed is reduced unlike many standard fan controllers.

The use of multiphase digital motors and class leading laminar blade design and stator technology result in fans that use less power and create less noise yet still move large volumes of air at high pressures making these fans perfect for all grow rooms and all brands of carbon filter. 

Speed Control

The Hyper Fan comes complete with a stand alone Speed Controller that can control speed between 35% and 100%.

This controller is very useful for manually adjusting speed but it’s not an automatic temperature controller.

We recommend using the Phresh Hyper Fan Controller for automated temperature regulation and Acoustic Ducting for even lower noise levels.

Fan Specs

6inch (150mm)
Airflow 560 m3h/r
Current 0.3 amps
Power Consumption 42w

8inch (200mm)
Airflow 1230 m3h/r
Current 0.7 amps
Power Consumption 90w

10inch (250mm)
Airflow 1840 m3/h
Current 1.2 amps
Power Consumption 180w

  • Silenced Hyper Fans
  • Very quiet
  • Extremely efficient
  • Very Powerful
  • Multiphase digital motors
Weight N/A

6 Inch – 150mm – 560 m3/h, 8 Inch – 200mm – 1230 m3/h, 10 Inch – 250mm – 1840 m3/h

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