Plant!T Potting Soil – Coco Coir – Before ordering please read below
Plant!T Potting Soil is an organic, peat free coco coir that contains natural Trichoderma’s and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It is supplied in a fold-out bag that allows you to mix with water immediately to avoid any mess in your house or garden. It is lightweight, compact and easy to carry, so no more struggling with large soil bags!    

Key Features:
* Organic and peat free, perfect for plant development
* Compact, convenient and lightweight – easy to carry 
* Mix in bags, no mess, no hassle 
* Expands to 15L when adding 6-8 litres of water 
*Perfect for flats or apartments with limited storage space
We recommend you add 6-8 litres of nutrient enriched water, the potting soil will then expand to 15L. You can simply plant straight into the bag or transfer the media from the bag into your own pot.
If using this substrate alone, a complete balanced liquid nutrient solution should be added every time you water to maximise results.   
For best results we recommend you use this product with Coco or Hydro nutrients.

Important Information
Availabilty can be an issue with this product, if it is unavailable we will replace with 2 x Jiffy 8 Litre Coco Coir Bricks and 1x Root Pouch Grey 16 Litre at our expense.
These replacements will actually provide an extra litre of coco coir and a reusable pot.

Weight 5 kg
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