Riser Stakes 200mm
The 200mm Riser Stake is useful  little implement, either used for an aeroponic system or for drippers. 

How to use
For aeroponic use, simple screw the Riser Stake into your pipe work (normally 13mm) and then screw your aeroponic ‘spinner’ into the top of it and turn on your pump. For dripper usage, screw the riser stake into your main pipe work, then unscrew the stake leaving the ‘insert nipple’ in the main pipework. Attach some 4mm pipe to the ‘insert nipple, cut it to length and then attach your dripper. Always be mindful of the size of the pump, making sure it can cope with the amount of drippers or spinners that you are using.

  • Can be used for aeroponics spinners
  • Useful to attach drippers
  • Attach pipe to insert nipple
Weight 1 kg
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