SMS Temperature Controller mk2 2400w

Should your room overheat, rather than your plants suffering the consequences, the Temp Protector will automatically switch off a number of lights in your room to allow the temperature to drop back to safe levels.
These controllers are particularly useful in sealed rooms with air conditioning in case of the unit failing or simply as a safety device in case of fans breaking down.


Plug the timer or contactor lead(or 1 of the 2 leads from a larger contractor such as a GreenPower or Maxibright Powerhouse) into the Temperature Protector and set the required temperature cutout, the lights will turn off if the temperature is exceeded, when the temperature drops below the pre set figure, the controller will turn the lights back on.
To prevent damage to lamps caused by re-starting hot lamps, the controller also has a delay timer that allows you to choose how long before the lights are turned back on, this can be set between 1 and 35 minutes.

  • Protects grow rooms from overheating
  • Use with timers or contactors
  • 2400 watt rating
  • Restart delay feature
Weight 0.5 kg
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