X-Stream Thermostat
Thermostat for controlling heated propagators or heat mats up to 500 watts. 

Ultimate heat control for large scale propagation X-Stream Heat combines the heat and humidity retention of the X-Stream lid with an ultra accurate, thermostatically controlled heated base. Enough room for up to 450 seeds or cuttings Seeds or cuttings are placed on the heated base using any propagation medium. 

Desired temperature is set – to within 1°C – using the digital thermostat.  Heat is dispersed evenly across the base, unlike most heated propagators there are no hot or cold spots; so no uneven growth. Temperature is fully adjustable from 5°C to 30°C; allowing growers to adjust the propagation environment to suit their specific grow area. X-Stream lid sits on top of the heated base and maintains the heat and humidity required for successful propagation. 

As plants develop, the vents in the lid are opened to reduce humidity and gradually harden the plants off, ready for transplanting. 

Bottom heat applied to fresh cuttings not only increases the strike rate or success rate, but it also increases the speed  at which the cuttings will root. 

Bottom heat is especially needed in the colder months, this is often the difference between cuttings rooting quickly and in good health or the cutting struggling to root in bad health, for example yellowing, which will slow the plant down as it will need to recover and increase the vegetative time.

How to use
Plug the heating mat or the heated propagator into the thermostat and set to the desired temperature, normally 22 degrees C. Then place the thermostatic probe inside propagator, normally inside an unused rockwool or jiffy pellet, this will give you an accurate reading of the root temperature. 

X-Stream Heat Instruction video

  • Professional standard propagators
  • Large for up to 450 seedlings or cuttings
  • Small for up to 150 seedlings or cuttings
  • Fixed Temperature (cuts off at 28 c)
  • Variable Temperature (from 1 c to 30 c)
Weight N/A

Variable Temperature, Fixed Temperature


Small – Up To 150 Plants, Large – Up to 450 Plants

X-Stream Heat Propagators


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