CX Horticulture Regen-A-Root
Regen-A-Root not only stimulates quick and rapid root growth, but it also protects roots from diesease like pythium and fusarium. It can be used as a preventive treatment as well as cure. It works well in hydro systems in the summer months to prevent pythium developing also turning dead brown roots white again.

At CX Horticulture, scientists have isolated the battery of chemicals that the plant manufactures to defend itself. They have encapsulated these chemicals in a liquid formulation and when this is used in your nutrient solution they have the same effect as the plant’s own defenses and the result is healthy plants. This approach is known as Induced Resistance.

How to use
Can be used throughtout the vegetative and bloom cycles. The dosage is 1ml per litre and it can be used with any nutrient programme, growing media or system. Always add addititves to the nutrient tank before adding your base nutrients, adding the base nutrients until you get to your target EC (if you are using a EC meter). Finally use  pH up or down to correct the pH if needed.

Also use Regen-A-Root with Wilt Guard to prevent and cure damping off. The is when the plant, often a seedling, starts to get a disease at the base of stem casusing it to collapse.

CX Horticulture Feeding Schedules

  • Can be used in all substrates
  • Powerful root stimulator
  • Great pythium preventer
  • Use at 1ml per litre in veg and flower
  • Can be used with CX Wilt Guard
Weight N/A

1 Litre, 5 Litre

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