Green Man Combi 1 Pot

Ideal for growing large single plants, the Green Man Combi drip feeds from the top while also allowing roots to access water directly, like a deep water culture system.

The combined volume of the Combi 1 Pot is 40 litres, perfect for large root masses of specimen plants and cultivars that produce the highest yields.


The Green Man Combi 1 Pot uses a 2 outlet air pump, 1 outlet powers the dripper ring and the other outlet is connected to an air stone, which is secured in the base, to keep the nutrient solution mixed and aerated.

As a pure hydroponic system, the Combi 1 Pot just requires the use of clay pebbles to anchor the plant, no need for coco or soil substrate

  • Standalone hydroponic system
  • Features drip ring and dwc
  • 40 Litre total capacity
  • Supplied with air pump and air stone
  • Big plants for big yields
Weight 6.73 kg
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